The Training Management System (TMS) is an essential part of the International Union of Bricklayers and Allied Craftworkers’ apprenticeship and training program and is used by apprentice coordinators and instructors throughout BAC. TMS was created to help BAC locals and Joint Apprenticeship Committees track the training status of all members, from apprenticeship to retirement.


TMS tracks a student’s progress throughout pre-job training, from the application process through completion. Instructors allocate a student’s training hours throughout the course and provide the student with a report of their accomplishments.


TMS allows users to view information on all apprentices, including status, and number of years in the apprentice programs. Users can also track on-the-job training, related training, excused/unexcused absences and the apprentices’ last employer. Reports providing apprentice demographics are included to assist with Department of Labor audits. Wage level increase letters to signatory contractors can also be generated. TMS has many additional reports that can be used to examine all facets of a member’s apprenticeship.

Journey-level Certification, Cross Craft and Safety

TMS tracks all classes and certifications a member completes and has a built-in scheduling report to indicate when certifications for members expire.
TMS can be used for:

  • Mass mailings to members – print envelopes, labels or send emails to members regarding upcoming training sessions.
  • Demographic report – provides breakdown by gender, race and ethnicity.
  • Member training history and transcripts for the entire local
  • Class report – provides sign-in sheets, completion certificates and required record-keeping for all classes.
  • TMS will help you plan your training calendar by identifying certifications and classes that members need.

If you’d like additional information, please contact Serenia Holland at Training for TMS is provided at the National Training Center.